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"We explored together various comedy techniques and activities, helping the filmmakers to plan scenarios, write scripts, think about characters, comedy timing and working in mind of the camera. The filmmakers learnt about how comedy is created through the source of humour, the method of delivery and finally the context in which it's delivered to an audience.

Alice and Martin made it their mission for inclusivity, sure to help everyone to have a go and get in touch with their inner clown - whether a newcomer to our film club or returning filmmakers, it brought something to all their performances with hilarious results! As we work with a wide variety of ages, diverse range of abilities, experiences and backgrounds it's always important to help the filmmakers develop key skills and creative processes sparking interest and building a safe cohesive environment for discovery. In alignment with our objectives to give them the skills, knowledge, understanding and confidence to make films with us and beyond the doors of the BFI workshops, learning about comedy from two engaging industry professionals such as Alice and Martin has given them a real boost in their understanding of the opportunities out there.

With their wealth of experience, creative vigour and an engaging dynamism, I'd highly recommend the Hilarity Academy to anyone wanting to try something new. For a duo that are keen to make comedy accessible they're always welcome back to the BFI!"

Jonathan Long, BFI

Hilarity Academy bring comedy into the Spotlight!

We have worked with The Hilarity Academy during school holidays to run Comedy taster sessions with a view to engage young people who would not usually access Comedy or the Arts. 

Alice and Martin are, (as you would expect by the name) hilarious, welcoming and engaging. They actively engaged young people who had not taken part in creative sessions before and were able to keep them engaged throughout – which is no mean feat!

The sessions are lively, engaging and adaptable to suit any situation. I would thoroughly recommend Hilarity Academy to bring some LOLs to your organisation today!

Emma Chapman, Spotlight


"Our young people here at Haringey Shed love to make each other laugh and so when Hilarity Academy suggested a comedy project it was perfect. They produced a diverse, challenging and inclusive 4 days. Our young people were able to experiment, play and learn in a safe and exciting environment. The range of methods used helped our young people explore comedy in more depth using their bodies, faces, feelings and past experiences. The project worked for young people of all abilities including those who do not talk or read and write, the Hilarity Academy team were receptive to the talents and needs of our young people and adapted the sessions to fit their needs and strengths best. Every young person came out happy, challenged and more confident in themselves each day. It was a pleasure to work with Hilarity Academy"
Ashling Foat, Haringey Shed

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"Hilarity Academy came to the Haringey Youth Festival in October 2017 and gave a series of professionally run but hilariously funny comedy workshops for 150 young people aged between 6-18. They were engaging, energised and in a very short time got the young people to trust them and try new things that they may never have done before. For some of the young people it was a brave step to take the class as their background was in dance or another art form other than drama but the team was supportive, encouraging and empowered the young people to gain new skills. They were especially skilled at including everyone and working with disabilities. In the feedback forms filled out by the young participants after the work-shop there were many testimonials about how much they valued
and enjoyed working with them.”
Stuart Cox, Jacksons Lane

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" It has been great having Hilarity Academy facilitate workshops here at S.P.I.D Theatre. We’ve been really impressed with the professionalism and enthusiasm of the facilitators. Our young peoples’ confidence has increased and they have produced some amazing performances."

Jose Jiménez, SPID Theatre

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