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Hilarity Academy offers tailored workshops for young people aged 6-18, run by professional comedians. Each session is designed to fit into your timetable, with a variety of options to choose from focussing on different aspects of comedy performance: sketch, stand-up, clowning or improvisation. We also facilitate longer projects leading towards a shared performance.

We also have experience in working within the curriculum and can arrange this with you. We have run clowning workshops based on literature, and sketch and improvisation workshops as a way into the devising process.


Kids deserve to have fun! They deserve to be expressive and articulate. They should also be allowed to fail. We believe that, in comedy, freedom and failure are where the best material comes from so have created a space in which young people can do just that.


As arts subjects and creative approaches continue to be trimmed away from the national curriculum, we want to share our passion for comedy and laughter by making it more accessible for young people. In our workshops, we have witnessed young people growing in confidence through laughter, becoming more vocal and having fun while doing it.


From September 2019 we will be running weekly sessions at St. Margaret's House in Tower Hamlets. This project is funded by Children in Need and the workshops are free of charge for attendees. For more information please see our Contact page.

We also run workshops and holiday projects on a freelance basis - please email us for more information!

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